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Lifelong learning

CAPTURE professors are involved in the organisation training courses, events and workshops for employees from outside academia looking for further education, in-service training and lifelong learning opportunities.

Industrial and Circular Water Technology

The Chair UGent-Evides on Industrial and Circular Water Technology facilitates the transfer of university research on ultrapure process water, wastewater treatment and water reuse to society. This is made possible by gathering prominent figures within the water sector, exchanging information and organizing coordinated action. An example of these actions is the organisation of a workshop in September 2017 demonstrating an innovative pilot plant for condensate treatment developed within the IMPROVED project. The chair was founded in 2016 at Ghent University, with the support of Evides Industriewater B.V. More information:

Via the Evides Chair, a number of seminars on 'Industrial water production and treatment' will be organized in the first half of 2020. These seminars are open for professionals in the water sector. More information on this will follow.

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MOOC: Massive open online course

CAPTURE recently started to develop a massive open online course (MOOC) on resource recovery technologies. This online training course will be freely accessible to anyone interested in resource recovery technologies having sufficient background in chemistry and physics/mathematics. More information will be available soon.


MOTOPED: Modular toolbox for professional education

There is an urgent need in industry to match the training of professionals with today’s industry needs of increasing process flexibility, meeting customer and societal needs, delivering high environmental, social and ethical performance, and rapidly changing career paths of the workforce. This training should be pace-based, attractive, of high-quality, tailored to the audience and modular so learners can learn anything, anytime, anywhere. The MOTOPED project will provide an approach for high quality training on demand using a blended learning approach for fast, efficient, effective and focused training of new and existing workforce, especially to increase innovation. Therefore a generic web-based training based on a toolbox approach and consisting of different teaching methodologies (videos, presentations, reading material, knowledge clips, quizzes …), the MOTOPED concept, will be developed and piloted with learners from the industrial partner Umicore. The MOTOPED concept will provide the possibility to complement the generic toolbox with add-on modules, tailored to the audience. 

This will allow potential further commercialization of the platform, since it can be easily tailored to other companies or to other sectors. Also MSc and PhD education will be able to profit from the outcomes of this project. The concept and content developed in the project will be readily usable for the project partners. Communication and dissemination will be key to promote the capacities of the MOTOPED concept, this will be done via the EIT Raw Materials network, the Raw Materials Academy, but also beyond.

The MOTOPED project is financed by EIT Raw Materials and coordinated by Umicore. Ghent University is the key academic partner for developing the teaching modules and courses.

UGent public courses for scientific training

UGent organizes a series of courses for so-called Public Scientific Training ('Wetenschappelijke Nascholing'). CAPTURE (Prof. Kim Verbeken) is responsible for a series of lectures on Sustainable Materials management and Recycling. More info: