Lecture series 'Water 4.0' by David Sedlak

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CAPTURE is honored to host prof. David Sedlak (University of California, Berkeley, USA) for a series of lectures in November 2019 on the topic 'Water 4.0', in collaboration with the SINReM and IMETE international MSc programs, organized by the International Training Centre of the UGent Faculty of Bioscience Engineering.

Prof. Sedlak is author of the game changing book Water 4.0, describing evolutions and revolutions to be expected in the water sector. He was awarded the UGent Francqui chair in 2015.

Registration is required: https://webappsx.ugent.be/eventManager/events/davidsedlak

The program:

Lecture 1 - November 7 – 15-17h - Auditorium A2 (UGent, Campus Coupure, building A): Taking the Waste out of Wastewater

This first lecture focuses on water reuse and its role in our future water supply, using recent experiences in California, Texas and Singapore as examples. In the second half we will discuss the recovery of nutrients, minerals and energy from wastewater.

Lecture 2 – November 13 – 16-18h - Auditorium E4 (UGent, Campus Coupure,building E) Putting Nature to Work

This lecture discusses Dr Sedlak’s research on constructed wetlands and groundwater infiltration systems. There would be an emphasis on emerging contaminants in much of this talk. The second part of the session discusses riverbank filtration or managed natural systems for urban runoff.

Lecture 3 – November 20 – 16-18h - Auditorium E4 (UGent, Campus Coupure, building E): The Water/Energy Connection

This third lecture examines the ways in which energy is used in urban water systems, both direct consumption and embedded energy. This lecture would also get into some of the challenges and opportunities associated with distributed treatment systems. The second half could include specific technologies or planning of urban water systems.

Lecture 4 – November 21 – 15-17h - Auditorium A2 (UGent, Campus Coupure, building A): Looking to the Past to Create a Better Future

This lecture will look back at Water 4.0 and the evolution of urban water systems over time, introduce some of the challenges that we are facing and start to think about how the past can serve to guide us in the future.

Lecture 5 – November 27 – 16-18h - Auditorium E4 (UGent, Campus Coupure, Building E) Water in the Second Half of the Twenty-First Century     

This lecture will consider the technologies and policies needed to realize the ideas described in Water 4.0 in  wealthy and middle income cities around the world.   The lecture will extend the discussion of water beyond drinking water supplies by considering the ways in which water is used for agriculture and for sustaining healthy aquatic ecosystems.