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Today, Flanders is emitting approximately 65 Mton of carbon dioxide or CO2 per year, half of which is produced by point sources. These emissions must be lowered to prevent disastrous climate changes.

Zero Emission Platform

The European Commission is taking the lead in this view. In 2005, the Zero Emission Platform was created to advise the European Commission regarding Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS). More recently, the focus of the platform shifted towards Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU), an efficient technology that captures carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide and converts it into chemicals or fuels, resulting in a circular flow (circular economy).

Create momentum

There is a clear need to bundle research efforts into multidisciplinary platforms to accelerate the development of more potent CCU technologies. CAPTURE aims to create momentum within the CCU research field by joining forces with other research centres and industry, thus becoming a centre of excellence.

a collaborative effort

A large number of projects with multiple CAPTURE partners are ongoing, some of which are (co-)funded by Flemish, Belgian or European governments, including by industrial clusters in Flanders, such as Catalisti.